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Why use Natural Soaps?

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

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Are you contemplating switching from commercial to natural soaps?

I did that many years ago. Before that, I never really cared or wondered about the use of natural soap; it never really crossed my mind as something necessary, and buying soaps at the supermarket was part of my monthly routine.

So why did I switch? And why should you change too?

I present to you the reasons that hopefully will change your perspective and give you that final push to incorporate natural soaps into your life and maybe open a door for you to start looking at more natural and sustainable alternatives in more personal hygiene areas and eventually in most aspects of your life.

There are three main skin types; dry, oily, and combinations besides many people have additional skin conditions, the most common are acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, vitiligo, among others.

A great benefit of natural soaps is that they have ideal combinations for each skin type. If we go even further, artisan soaps can use precise oils, flowers, or herbs to treat a specific person's skin problem of customization is not possible with commercial soaps.

They also cleanse in depth without drying out the skin, help maintain natural oils, are antioxidant, moisturizing, and provide elasticity and softness.

Natural vs. Commercial Soaps

I did talk about the differences between the production process between commercial and natural soaps in a very detailed post about what are natural soaps; commercial soaps are made at temperatures of around 338°F or 170°C to remove glycerine. Most manufacturers remove glycerine in the saponification process.

This is probably one of the worst things about commercial soaps; glycerine is one of the most beneficial ingredients a soap has because it moisturizes the skin and soothes eczema. The issue is that sometimes commercial soaps try to replace the lost glycerine with chemical agents, which can cause skin irritations or allergies.

Another benefit is that natural soaps do not contaminate the way commercial soaps do. They do not contain petroleum derivates, and the fabrication process does not generate as much waste and contamination as the industrial soaps do.

Commercial soaps tend to be cheaper but are made from highly polluting and environmentally damaging products that are cheaper and of lower quality compared to natural ingredients. Besides, the chemical ingredients could damage our skin, cause allergies or irritations, or develop skin conditions.

Support Small Communities

One final important reason is the support of fair trade, if you buy natural or artisan soaps you may be supporting small communities (like the ones in West Africa who produce black soap) or artisans (like the ones in Greece who produce olive oil soap), the impact of purchasing natural soaps goes beyond our skin and provides better life quality and opportunities for entire families.

These are why I would consider making the switch from commercial to natural or artisan soaps, the benefits of natural soaps surpass by a long stretch industrially. Although it may seem irrelevant, taking care of our skin every day will make a difference in the long run and positively impact the planet and society.

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