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Best Natural Soaps for Oily Skin

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

natural soap for oily skin

Oily skin is both a blessing and a curse. For young people, it is especially tricky; they have to deal with greasy skin, which is not a good look, enlarged pores, and a higher tendency to breakouts and blackheads. Another drawback is that makeup does not last because the excess of sebum on the face prevents it from setting.

But on the bright side, people with this skin show aging signs at a much slower rate than people with dry skin, the wrinkles will eventually appear, but they take longer and won't be as deep if you take care of your skin. Also, oily skin is resistant to external factors like wind, cold, or sun rays.

Oily skin appears when the sebaceous glands excessively produce sebum. People with oily skin usually have oily scalps.

There are natural soaps ideal for this type of skin; they will remove excess oil from the skin without drying it and balance the pH. In this list, I want to share 5 of the best natural soaps for oily skin.


This flower is a popular medicinal plant since the middle ages. Traditionally this plant is used to calm upset stomachs, but it has more benefits.

Chamomile contains essential oils, such as bisabolol A and B and matricin, and flavonoids, such as apigenin; All of them are therapeutic substances capable of contributing to the skin's regeneration.

Chamomile has vasoconstrictor and antiallergenic properties; That makes it ideal for treating pimples and blackheads. In the same way, it helps to have cleaner and more toned skin and to heal the marks that acne leaves on the face.

Suggested Product: Kiss My Face Olive Oil & Chamomile Bar Soap

  • Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.5 x 1.6 inches.

  • Shipping Weight: 9.1 ounces.

  • Numbers of Bars: 8.

  • Customer Reviews: 4.3 of 5.

  • Made in Greece.

  • Ingredients: Sodium Olivate (Saponified Olive Oil), Water, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Flower Extract, Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt), Parfum.

Green Tea

Green tea is synonymous with health and is known as the drink of eternal youth for its significant benefits and the large amount of antioxidants and polyphenols it contains. It has cancer-preventive properties.

For acne, green tea catechins have antibacterial power and can decrease excessive hormonal activity, which is one of its primary causes.

The tannins in green tea act as an astringent that shrinks pores. Tea also helps reduce the production of sebum (the skin's natural oil) by the glands in each pore.

Suggested Product: Pre de Provence Soap Enriched with Shea Butter, Green Tea

  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 8 x 5 inches.

  • Shipping Weight: 5 pounds.

  • Numbers of Bars: 12.

  • Customer Reviews: 4.5 of 5.

  • Made in France.

  • Ingredients: Sodium Palmate -Sodium Palm Kernelate- Water– Perfume– Glycerin- Shea Butter – Sodium Chloride – Sodium Hydroxide –-Tetrasodium EDTA - Tetrasodium Etidronate– CI 77288 – CI 77491 – CI 77492 – CI 77499 – CI 77891.

Olive Oil

Incorporating olive oil into our daily diet helps improve our health, and in our external appearance. The skin is the best reflection of our health, that is why it is so important to keep it hydrated and healthy.

Because of its high content of natural fatty acids and its contribution of vitamins E and K, olive oil is a great alternative to fight against premature aging, allowing it to maintain the natural elasticity of the skin and make it look soft.

Even though this is an oil, do not let it fool you, olive oil is a great natural oil skin balancer; it might surprise you at how healthy your skin looks after using this ingredient frequently.

More information in the link below.

Olive Oil Natural Soap Benefits

Suggested Product: Papoutsanis Pure Greek Olive Oil

  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches.

  • Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds.

  • Numbers of Bars: 4.

  • Customer Reviews: 4.4 of 5.

  • Made in Greece.

  • Ingredients: Sodium Olivate (Saponified Olive Oil) Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid (a Natural ph balancer).

Africa Black Soap

Made with hand-picked bark and plants, this handcrafted soap cleanses the skin while exfoliating, softening, and hydrating.

This miracle product works on all skin types, and helps treat different skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema.

It is excellent to treat oily and acne-prone skin; it has drying properties that remove excess oil.

The natural soap bar is like the one pictured, with a rough surface, some are ideal for exfoliating the body, but I do not recommend using it on your face as it is more delicate, you can lather a soft facial brush or use a smooth soap bar.

More information in the links below.

16 Benefits Of Pure Raw Black African Soap

How To Use And Where To Buy Pure Raw Black African Soap?

Suggested Product: Our Earth's Secrets Premium Natural Raw African Black Soap

  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 3 inches.

  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 pounds.

  • Numbers of Bars: 3.

  • Customer Reviews: 4.6 of 5.

  • Made in Ghana.

  • Ingredients: Palm Kennel Oil, Coconut Oil, Stearin Oil, Cocoa Pod Husk, Unrefined Shea Butter, Plantain Skin Ash, Natural Vitamin E, Natural Sodium, Water.


Nutritionally, oatmeal is complete, but it far surpasses other more popular cereals, both for its protein and healthy fat content. It also provides proper amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Oatmeal is a natural ingredient that absorbs all the dirt and residue that accumulates in the pores, offering a deep cleaning. And the most interesting thing is that it takes care of the skin's structure naturally and maintains its pH thanks to the proteins it contains.

Suggested Product: Sappo Hill Bar Soap Oatmeal Natural

  • Product Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x 0.9 inches.

  • Shipping Weight: 3 pounds.

  • Numbers of Bars: 12.

  • Customer Reviews: 4.8 of 5.

  • Made in the USA.

  • Ingredients: Non-GMO Food Grade Oils of Sustainable Palm and Coconut, Water, Sodium Hydroxide*, Organic Oats, Glycerine (Paraben-Free, Phthalate-Free, SLS-Free, Detergent-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free).


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