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6 Best Natural Hand Soaps

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

best natural hand soaps

Keeping your hands clean is crucial to lead a healthy life, especially now in coronavirus times, keep in mind that viruses and bacteria usually enter our body through our hands. Hence, a proper handwashing technique and the right choice of hand soap is vital to protect ourselves and the people we care the most about.

In this article, I want to share some of the best natural hand soaps in the market. They are all chemical-free, which is safe for people with sensitive or condition skin. I will also be picking recommendations of the best hand soaps among different categories.


Remember to wash your hands before and after certain times, like eating, petting animals, using the toilet, touching garbage, etc. Be sure to focus in between your fingers and under your nails as those places tend to gather a lot of dirt, and you may forget about cleaning them properly. Rinse thoroughly under the tap (I prefer warm water) and dry with a clean towel or a paper towel.

More information about soap to kill Coronavirus and other germs.

Best Unscented

Clearly Natural Unscented Liquid Hand Soap

Some people do not want any scent on their hands; this fragrance and dye-free soap is made with high-quality glycerin.

Perfect to place in the kitchen, it rinses off easily and leaves skin feeling moisturized.


Best Sulfate-Free

Puracy Natural Liquid Hand Soap, Citrus & Sea Salt

SLS is what makes soap or any cleaning product foam. This is only to give the illusion of cleaning the truth is not as necessary as many believe, SLS can cause eye and skin irritation, neurotoxicity, and more severe conditions like cancer.

Puracy Natural Hand Soap is a fantastic brand that offers this hand soap, which has a thick consistency and gives a soft SLS-free foam, the lovely relaxing fragrance rinses quickly. Great for dry skin or skin conditions like eczema.


Best Hypoallergenic

Puracy Body & Hand Wash Refill, Bergamot & Sandalwood

Another great option by Puracy Natural is that doctors create this soap, and it has been developed targeting all skin types and removes all impurities and rinses easily. The soap base formula includes coconut oil, which foams gently, and the sea salt is a natural exfoliator that smooths the skin.

It is the best bang for your buck as you can refill all the liquid soap dispensers around your house.


Best Fragrance

Muse Bath Apothecary Hand Ritual

If you want a pleasant scent for a guest bathroom then Muse Bath Apothecary is your best option, they come in beautiful, high-quality amber plastic bottles that serve as decor, the soap has a thick consistency.

You can pick between four scents lavender, coconut + sandalwood, rosemary mint + hemp and aloe and eucalyptus + lavender, the fragrances use whole natural essential oils.


Best Environmentally Friendly

Cleancult Liquid Hand Soap Refill

If you are concerned about the environment and want to find a natural hand soap that also reduces your footprint and minimizes waste as much as possible, then Cleancut coconut scented soap offers an ideal option with their soap refills, the pack of 3 comes in milk shaped carton boxes which can be recycled more efficiently compared to plastic.

This natural soap will clean your hands without stripping their natural oils.


Best Gift

Pangea Organic Liquid Hand Soap

Are you looking for a gift for a birthday or housewarming? Then look no further. It is the perfect gift for a person who loves natural products. Reuse the beautiful amber bottle in the kitchen or the bathroom. The soap scent is a natural essential oil from Canadian pine, white sage, and lavender. The aloe will keep your hands moisturized and soft.


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