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Aloe Vera Benefits + 3 DIY Recipes

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

aloe vera on a clear glass jar

I always wondered about the skin benefits of aloe vera, if you are wondering that as well, read this article, I'm sharing some DIY soap ideas.

We already know that aloe vera is a plant that has fantastic properties that offer many benefits in various aspects, especially its gel, which is widely known.

The aloe vera soap has fascinating and beneficial properties for the skin since it concentrates and makes the most of its compounds.

woman using aloe vera on the bathroom

It is used for cosmetic treatments and has been used for many decades. It offers excellent benefits and is very easy to use. Its nutrients are absorbed by the skin providing more elasticity and vitamins.

It is used for skin burns either by fire, sun or hot water, its application on these burns will help relieve pain and inflammation, while regenerating the tissues healing faster.

For women, it is beneficial for their faces as the soap, and aloe vera will make your skin look younger and smoother, prevents dryness, and softens premature wrinkles.

Its use is not only for the face but also for the whole body to keep it free of all types of bacteria that can harm your skin.

Aloe vera soap is mainly composed of aloe vera juice, and it contains minerals, vitamins, acids, and amino acids that are very beneficial to the skin.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera soap contains many healing properties such as vitamins A and E, antioxidants such as phytosterols, and beta carotenes.

  • Regenerative properties are also present in Aloe Vera soap, such as omega 6 and 9, arginine, and glycine. All these properties act as a protective layer for the skin, resulting in better-looking skin.

  • Astringent properties: Thanks to being very rich in polyphenolic components, it has astringent properties that make it excellent for facial cleansing.

  • It removes excess sebum that causes skin pores to become clogged and any other dirt that gets in the way.

  • Moisturizing properties: It has a high natural moisturizing power, so it is excellent for treating dry skin. Using this soap frequently will make your facial skin look soft, moisturized, and glowing.

  • Anti-aging properties: Thanks to some of its vitamins, it also has a high power to fight skin aging, as well as fighting against free radicals and external agents that damage skin.

  • Antibacterial properties: Among the many properties of aloe vera soap, we find the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ones, which allow it to fight acne and help you to heal your wounds without leaving marks on your skin.

DIY Aloe Vera Soap

natural alove vera gel

Want to make aloe vera soap at home? Here are three recipes with the first one; you will get a homemade oil soap; the second one is to create a glycerine aloe vera soap easily, and with the third one, I show you how to make a shower gel. All of them are easy to make at home!

Homemade aloe vera soap

To make homemade aloe vera soap, we need:

  • Olive oil (14 oz.)

  • Demineralized water (7.2 oz.)

  • Refined palm oil (5.9 oz.)

  • Caustic soda (3.63 oz.)

  • Coconut oil (0.91 oz.)

  • Aloe vera gel (2.11 oz.)

  • Corn oil (1.44 oz.)

  • Vegetable stearic acid (1.12 oz.)

  • The aromatic essence of aloe and cucumber (0.91 oz.)

  • Liquid pigment for oil soap

  • Mold

How to make soap with aloe vera

Here's how to make aloe vera soap, step by step. You'll see how easy it is, so go ahead and make it, the results are worth it!

A tip: weigh all the ingredients separately to have them ready, always protect your hands and eyes.

  • Pour the soda over the water, never the other way around, as it could splash and burn us. Stir well until the soda dissolves. It will reach a temperature of about 176°F and be allowed to drop to 110°F in a ventilated place.

  • Mix all the oils in a saucepan: the olive oil, the refined palm oil, the coconut oil, and the corn oil. If the coconut oil is solid, let it melt in a bain-marie for a few minutes in its container until it becomes liquid.

  • Add stearic acid to the oils and heat in a bain-marie until the stearic acid melts.

  • When both phases are at the same temperature, between 110°F, it is time to put them together. Pour the lye (water + soda) into the oils.

  • Beat with the electric mixer until the solution acquires consistency. It should be similar to that of custard.

  • Add the liquid pigment and beat a little again to break up the color particle and achieve the desired shade.

  • Add the aloe vera gel and stir with the spatula so that it integrates perfectly.

  • Perfume the soap with a few drops of essential oil. Add essence until you get the intensity of aroma you are looking for. The essences can accelerate the process, once added pour the soap quickly into the mold

  • Fill the mold and cover it with a transparent film.

  • Unmold it when it is hard and cut it into tablets. Now you will have to wait 40 days for the soaps to saponify.

Homemade soap with aloe vera

natural aloe vera beauty products

In this recipe, I show you how to make glycerin aloe vera soap. In this case, once you have finished them, the soaps will be ready to use. This is a straightforward and fast step by step to achieve soaps loaded with properties. Take note!

These are the necessary ingredients:

  • Glycerine based soap (7 oz.)

  • Aloe vera gel (0.35 oz)

  • The essential oil of aloe and cucumber

  • Olive green pigment

  • Soap mold

  • 96° Alcohol

In this case, you can change the quantities, depending on whether you will make more or less soap.

You must respect the proportion of aloe vera to be added, which should not exceed 5% of the soap's total weight.

You can also change the essential oils to add the one you like best, and the same goes for the coloring. You can leave them blank and give a touch of color to the pigment's final finish. You can make them like this or add glycerine liquid soap coloring to the recipe.

How to make aloe vera soap step by step

natural aloe vera beauty products

Now that we know the materials, let's see how to make aloe vera soap step by step.

In just a few minutes, you will have some soaps ready to use! Look how easy the recipe is.

  • Cut the glycerine soap base into pieces and melt it in the microwave or a bain-marie. It should be done at low heat and little by little to not come to a boil. It is advisable to stir it every few minutes.

  • Add the aloe vera gel. Remember that a maximum of 5% of the total weight of the soap can be added.

  • Add a few drops of essential oil and stir well so that it integrates perfectly. You can add more or less quantity depending on the intensity of the aroma you prefer.

  • Spray 96º alcohol on the empty mold. This way, we will get the soap to penetrate correctly in all the details, and the final result will be much more defined.

  • Fill the mold and spray 96º alcohol on the soap so that no bubbles remain.

  • Wait for it to dry and remove the mold. Use silicone molds as they are elastic and non-stick; it will make this step easier. You only have to bend the corners and press from the back slightly.

  • Spray some lacquer, about 11 inches away, so that it sits perfectly.

The homemade soap with aloe vera is ready to use!

Making aloe vera liquid soap

It's time to see how to make aloe vera soap, but this time liquid, which you can use to wash your hands and shower. Very simple and very fast! It won't take you more than 15 minutes to make this recipe.

This is the list of ingredients:

  • Concentrated base shower gel (2.82 oz.)

  • Demineralized water (3.88 oz.)

  • Aloe vera gel (0.70 oz.)

  • Essential oil

  • Lemon yellow liquid dye

  • 8 to 9 oz. bottle

aloe vera natural gel

To make this recipe, we start from a semi-finished base shower gel. In this case, as it is concentrated, it is necessary to dilute it in water. Once you've done this step, you can enrich and personalize it to your liking.

This recipe is enriched with aloe vera. In this way, you get the properties of the plant in the bath gel. Also, you can choose to add a few drops of essence and coloring. Choose your color and your favorite aroma and add them to your homemade aloe vera bath gel recipe.

As for the dispenser, two aspects must be considered when choosing it: its capacity, since it will determine the quantities of the recipe, and its functionality. It must be practical and comfortable to use since we are going to use it every day.

How to make homemade aloe vera bath gel

Four easy steps and you will have a perfect bath gel to clean and pamper your skin. As soon as you have, it made you can use it.

  • Weigh the concentrated base shower gel in a clean container. It is advisable to clean it first with boiling water and dry it with a cloth soaked in a few drops of 96º alcohol.

  • Add the water little by a little while stirring. As it is a concentrated gel, water must be added, if it is demineralized, much better. Avoid doing this step quickly so that it does not generate much foam.

  • Add the aloe vera gel, a few drops of water-soluble liquid coloring, and a few drops of essential oil.

  • Mix well all the ingredients so that they integrate perfectly and pack them in the chosen container.


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Aloe Vera Natural Soap Benefits DIY

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